Consulting Services


To serve the professional community by providing consulting services for the assessment and enhancement of current processes and practices at college and employer sites.

Consulting Team

Each SoACE consulting team typically consists of three to five representatives from career centers and/or employers. You may request specific people for the team or the Chair of the Consulting Services Committee will offer advice based on the expertise and location of volunteers.

Team members strive to help you answer questions to advance your organization, which can include:

  • How progressive is our organization?
  • What does our organization need to do to make it or keep it cutting edge?
  • What should be done or eliminated in order for us to be more efficient and effective? If the office is efficient and effective, how can it remain so for the next 5 years?

What you can Expect

In addition to answering these questions, the consulting team provides feedback which may result from the following assessments:

  • SWOT Analysis: A review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • GAP Analysis: Examine and compare actual performance with potential performance.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: Determine break-even points for increased investments in products, services, resources and staff offerings.
  • Benchmarking Analysis: Compare current practices with world-class business practices that may improve organizational synergy and operational efficiencies.
  • Quality Functional Design Analysis: Using House of Quality, focus on customer requirements in coordinating the design, implementation and marketing of products or services.

Possible Methods Include

  • Employee interviews
  • Customer/client interviews
  • Competitor profiling
  • Skill & personality profiles
  • Surveys, focus groups and more…

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Consulting Services Statement of Intent

Download the Consulting Services Statement of Intent

You are asked to provide the following information, all of which is kept confidential, to help identify your potential needs in order to better meet your organization’s goals for the consulting services engagement. The Chair will use this information to begin the process of selecting consulting team members:

Contact information

  • Organization
  • Your name
  • Title
  • Mailing address
  • Phone / Fax / Email

Departmental Assessment

  • Desired outcomes of visit
  • Mission statement
  • Internal strengths
  • Internal weaknesses
  • External opportunities
  • External limitations
  • Key areas and resources for achieving department’s mission 

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To Request a Visit

Complete and submit the Consulting Services Statement of Intent to Ja'Net Glover. You will be asked to provide the Team Leader with the following:

  • Consulting objectives
  • Outline of specific concerns
  • Operating budget and funding issues
  • Previous annual reports
  • Surveys and evaluations of events
  • Tentative schedule of onsite meetings

Timeline: to ensure enough time for planning the site visit, please allow 3 months (6 is ideal) of planning time before the proposed site visit date.


Consulting Services Fee

$1000: Members (college and employer)
$1500: Nonmembers

Proceeds are used to further develop scholarships and activities for SoACE members.

Team Leader’s Honorarium

$400: Members and Nonmembers

The Team Leader supervises the team and collaborates closely with the person requesting the consultation to set goals and an agenda for the visit. He or she also ensures completion and satisfactory delivery of the final report.

Additional Costs

Travel and business expenses for the visitation team are also covered by the requesting institution.  Smaller honorariums to the other team members are a kind gesture but are not required.

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For More Information

Ja'Net Glover

Email: [email protected]