Diversity & Inclusion

A Message from the SoACE Board of Directors

Ongoing conflicts and acts of violence within the US and outside the US have a real impact on our members regardless of their identity group. As the Board of Directors on behalf of the Association, we condemn terrorism and violence in all forms and acknowledge the tremendous pain and suffering in Israel and Gaza — both for those directly affected and any member with personal and cultural ties to the region. 

This is an extremely emotional and heartbreaking situation not only for our members who identify as Jewish or Muslim but for all of us who have compassion for people suffering through so much loss. We encourage members of our Association to access the resources within their organizations to get support, to show support, and/or to educate themselves about the history and context of the violence in the region. 

Whether we have been impacted directly or indirectly by this war, let us acknowledge our pain and work toward healing and real change in a meaningful way in our communities, homes, workplaces, and Association.

SoACE Commitment to Diversity

The Southern Association of College and Employers is committed to attaining a pluralistic, diverse membership and providing access to all programs and resources to individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability or appearance. The SouthernACE encourages the recruitment and professional development of individuals from all groups by continually developing, examining, and instituting policies, practices and procedures.

Diversity & Inclusion Goals and Initiatives

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee seeks to foster inclusion, belonging, and learning among SoACE Membership. Through programming, resource sharing and ongoing communication regarding diversity initiatives, the Committee strives to both promote and celebrate diversity. Through a collaborative use of best practices, programs, and resources, college and employer members will be able to better address the diverse needs of students and the ever-changing landscape of higher education and career services.

Ongoing Initiatives:

Diversity Spotlight: Read the “Diversity Spotlight” in the SoACE newsletter in order to stay current on Diversity & Inclusion happenings within SoACE membership and beyond.

Diversity Dialogues: Watch your email for the opportunity to participate in a “Diversity Dialogue” once a semester – in the comfort of your own office. These free webinars will allow SoACE members to discuss specific diversity issues while sharing best practices and exchanging ideas.

Diversity & Inclusion Awareness at the SoACE Conference: During the annual SoACE Conference, the D & I Committee will be on hand to celebrate diversity through outreach and giveaways. The Committee also serves as a sponsor for diversity related keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

Diversity “In the Know”: “Best Practices,” resources and news articles on diversity and inclusion in order to keep you “in the know” about diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Annual Awards

Established in 2013 and intended to address SoACE’s strategic priority on diversity and inclusion, SoACE annually recognizes an individual and a group/organization that has demonstrated a sustained commitment to the pursuit of diversity and inclusion in the community and workplace.

Contributions in advancing diversity could be in the form of activism, education, outreach, publication, service, or other initiatives. Criteria for these awards include:

  • Demonstrates commitment to the spirit of diversity and inclusion through active participation in promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives within the last twelve months
  • Supports positive communication and education that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation or tolerance among people of different backgrounds
  • Demonstrates and exhibits a positive influence on constituencies
  • Must be a current SoACE member

Nominations for these awards are submitted with the association wide awards.

Award Recipients

Champion of Diversity Award

2020: Roderick Lewis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2019: Jessica Baker, University of Florida

2018: Sheena Jacobs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2017: Andrew Harper, St. Edward's University

2016: Melena Postolowski, Stetson University

2015: Mason Murphy, Texas State University

2014: Marian Higgins, University of Georgia

2013: Eric Pearson, Northrup Grumman

Mosaic Award

2020: University of Tennessee at Martin

2019: Phillips 66

2018: Wake Forest University and Ernst & Young

2017: Verizon

2016: Raytheon

2015: Pepsi, Co. (Frito Lay)

2014: Enterprise Holdings

2013: Out for Work

Get Involved

Do you have a passion for diversity & inclusion? Then, we want to hear from you. We invite you to join the D&I Committee:

Roderick Lewis
Director of Diversity & Inclusion, SoACE Board
Executive Director of DEI at Wake Forest University – School of Business

Educational Initiatives:

Please contact any one of us for questions.


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