Employer Relations Summit

Be a part of the 8th Annual SoACE Employer Relations Summit!
June 22-24, 2022 | Fort Worth, TX
Summit Location: Fort Worth Hilton, Fort Worth, TX



Registration for the 2022 Summit is now open!!!


Summit Registration Fees:

  • SoACE Members: $225
  • Non-Members: $275

 Schedule at a Glance

Day 1: Wednesday, June 22
1:00 – 2:00 CST | Optional TCU Campus Tour 
2:30  3:00 CST | New Member Meet Up
3:00 – 4:15 CST | Conference Welcome & Employer Panel
4:15 – 5:15 CST | Employer Showcase & Networking

Day 2: Thursday, June 23
7:00 - 9:00 CST | Breakfast
9:00 – 10:30 CST | Keynote - Presentation by Jessica Rector! 
10:45 – 11:45 CST | Breakout Session 1 & 2
Session 1; Campus Recruiting – Dust off the cobwebs... it's BACK! But it doesn't look the same! Presented by Enterprise
Session 2; Employer Engagement: What like it's hard? Presented by University of Houston-Clear Lake
12:00 – 1:30 CST | Lunch - Economic Presentation & Overview
2:00 – 3:00 CST | Breakout Session 3 & 4
Session 3; "99 Policies, but There's Always That 1 (Employer)": Recruiting Policy Think Tank Presented by University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Session 4; Employer Engagement 101: Best Practices Sharing Presented by University of Texas-Austin
3:30 – 4:30 CST | Breakout Session 5 & 6
Session 5; Campus Recruiting - Creating the IDEAL Candidate ... helping students become the Top Tier Candidate companies dream of! Presented by Cintas
Session 6; 3 P's of Employer Relations: Policies, Procedures, & (Best) Practices Presented by Vanderbilt
4:30 - 5:00 CST | Closing Remarks 
6:00 – 10:00 CST | Evening of Fun in Fort Worth Stockyards!

Day 3: Friday, June 24
9:00am – 12:00pm CST | Employer Site Visit - American Airlines


Breakout Session Description

Campus Recruiting – Dust off the cobwebs ... it's BACK! But it doesn't look the same! Presented by Enterprise

Louella Jernberg & Candiss Territo

Session Topic:
Best Practices

Session Topic:
Hear from a career service leader and a campus recruiting manager who have worked together to find creative avenues of connecting students with employer partners through non-traditional, new and innovative recruiting avenues!

Learning Objectives:

  1. New ways to connect employers to various events- virtual, mock interviews, workshops, guest speakers, etc.
  2. How to develop relationships with other depts on campus to create an even larger network- collaboration and what that can look like (Ex. DEI, Student Athletes, Female Leadership organizations)
  3. Sharpening your skills & becoming more well-rounded so you are ready to start a professional career after college – Best Practices


Employer Engagement: What like it's hard? Presented by University of Houston-Clear Lake

Tyvia Chandler

Session Topic:
Best Practices

Session Topic:
Technology has helped us now more than ever to meet employer needs and showcase out talented students. This presentation will discuss ways to meet employers where they are and increase engagement. We will discuss ways to diversify programming and recruitment strategies to produce ore opportunities for employers and students to connect.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Utilize technology to increase employer engagement.
  2. Diversify programming efforts to appeal to a variety of employers and students.


"99 Policies, but There's Always That 1 (Employer)": Recruiting Policy Think Tank Presented by University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Katie Wiley & Leslie Walton

Session Topic:
Best Practices

Session Topic:
The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) Principles for Ethical Professional Practice implore career services to “act without bias when advising, servicing, interviewing, or making employment decisions” and “when defining what constitutes employment”. Where is the line between gatekeeping jobs/employers for student safety measures and withholding opportunities? What are best practices in policies and procedures when an employer partner is not upholding policy? How do we investigate, educate and guide employers looking to “check a box” by recruiting a certain type of student? What is the responsibility of career services and what is the responsibility of the students? Join us in a short presentation and larger think tank around these topics. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review existing policies and procedures (ie NACE, Handshake, etc.) and discuss individual school interpretation
  2. Discuss implications for gatekeeping jobs and employers
  3. Discuss policy and procedures around recruiting policy violation
  4. Discuss how we educate students to make informed decisions around employment opportunities 


Employer Engagement 101: Best Practices Sharing Presented by University of Texas-Austin

Summer Salazar

Session Topic:
Best Practices

Session Topic:
Join this session to learn more about best practices and tips for employer engagement success, including: relationship building; business development; and policies and procedures.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Foundation for employer engagement including relationship building
  2. Policies and procedures
  3. Strategic goals


Campus Recruiting - Creating the IDEAL Candidate ... helping students become the Top Tier Candidate companies dream of! Presented by Cintas

Alexis Phelps & Sarah Clanton

Session Topic:
Student, faculty, and alumni partnerships

Session Topic:
Hear from Campus Talent Acquisition Managers who have worked together with employers and career services to define the Ideal Candidate that recruiters dream of finding on campus!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Connect with other employers and career services on how to engage a talent pool after two years of being completely virtual or hybrid.


3 P's of Employer Relations: Policies, Procedures, & (Best) Practices Presented by Vanderbilt

Erica Betz

Session Topic:
Best Practices

Session Topic:
We all know the time-honored policies and procedures related to employer engagement: the job posting approval process, employers with exploding offers, students reneging on offers, and all of the different event policies – just to name a few. Many of these “foundational” policies have space for customization and interpretation based on how they best fit your employer and student populations. At Vanderbilt University, we are identifying where we can shift from a “policies and procedures” mindset to a best practices approach as a response to the current recruitment climate while remaining true to the industry standard.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about different approaches to consistent standards from university colleagues
  2. Gain conversational starts to approach the evaluation of policies based on your University's engagement needs
  3. Reflect on how you can improve your employer engagement based on policies, procedures and best practices


2022 Summit Committee

Chair: Matthew Battista, University of Tampa
Assistant Chair: Alicia Low, Oklahoma State University

Communications & Marketing:
Sheri Blight, Kennesaw State University

Employer Programming & Engagement:
Candiss Territo, Tarleton State University
Rachel Brand, University of Kentucky

Breakout Sessions:
Nyree Brockman, UT at Tyler
Maranda Larsen, Trinity University

Networking / Social Activities:
Grace Kalka, Loyola University New Orleans
Katherine Brewer, The University of Texas at Austin
Leslie Walten, UT – Knoxville

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