Emerging Leaders

The SoACE Professional Development committee is pleased to offer the “Emerging Leaders” track for new career services and recruiting professionals.   Realizing that transitioning into the role of new professional may sometimes be difficult, the identified sessions will provide you with the opportunity to converse with other new professionals, discuss issues of importance to you, and most importantly, empower you to further develop the skills needed to succeed in your new role, and will build on the necessary skills to become leaders in our respective professions. These on-going series of professional development sessions will be available at the annual conferences, drive-in workshops, and webinars throughout the year, as well as through identified sessions offered at our affiliate state conferences. This track will provide a dynamic learning opportunity for new professionals in the field of career services and recruiting. 

Expected outcomes from this program will include development of a highly competent community of career services and college recruiting practitioners, reduced training time, reduced time to master skills and improved performance, reduced attrition, established relationships among a cadre of new professionals who will share best practices as well as a greater sense of partnership in the field, and a shared vision of core professional competencies across the region. The competency areas that the Emerging Leaders Program seeks to fulfill include:

  • Knowledge of Legal and Ethical Guidelines — knowledgeable of employment and equal opportunity legislation as well as ethical guidelines, including the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct.

  • Employer Relations and Employment Services Skills — understanding employers’ needs and expectations; recruiting and staffing methods; efficient and effective placement operations, including campus interviewing and candidate resume referral and selection.

  • Program Management Skills, including:
    • Marketing and promoting career services programs to various audiences; and proficient in recognizing
    • Recognizing special needs of diverse groups and adapting services to meet their needs
    • Proficient in conducting systematic program design, implementation and evaluation
    • Proficient in organizing information, people, and processes toward a desired outcome.

Participants can attend sessions to learn up to three core competencies each year and can complete the certification within two years.  Once you have completed SIX sessions on the core competencies you will submit your program log to receive your "Emerging Leader" Certificate.   

We know that you will find these sessions helpful as you continue to grow professionally. 
For more information about the Emerging Leaders program, please contact:
Director - Student Affairs
Phone: 504-865-3860

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